Hi folks. Sorry it’s been a while. Don’t worry; I now have a lot of topics scrawled on the whiteboard for future articles.

Today we’re going talk about Web 2.0. What is it? Well, here we go:

Web 1.0 was of course the first World Wide Web. This gained momentum in the early 1990s. A company, organization, or even sometimes an individual would create a Web site, and you would read it. More or less one-way communication. If you wanted to communicate with the owner of the site, you could click a little cheesy animated GIF icon at the bottom of the page that said “Email me! Yay!” and that was that. Occasionally you’d see a forum/message board, which people utilize to discuss topics in groups of “threads.”

Examples:, and the now-defunct Geocities (make your own cheesy personal website).

Then came Web 2.0.

Sometime in the late 2000s, some marketing bobblehead somewhere made up the term Web 2.0, in other words the second version of the World Wide Web. This second version was more interactive, more inclusive. No longer was it a collection of pages that people “hung up” like a Yellow Pages or a coffeehouse bulletin board. No, now it was all about participation. Now people contribute in droves to various Web sites.

Contributions can come in the form of discussions, photos, videos, etc.


BlogSpot -Blogs (personal journals or commentary)

YouTube – Home/amateur videos

Flickr – Photos

That’s our lesson today. Without further ado, the real reason for this week’s article, my buddy Billy’s first YouTube video!!! (See his entire collection as it unfolds here.)

See y’all next time on Teknosophy.

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1 Response to BILLAMILLION!

  1. Everardo Thorpe says:

    you forgot to mention 4chan

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