So I bought the teknosophy.com domain from my boss. Then I installed Joomla. Then I planned on importing all my old articles into it. I didn’t get time to do it for months, and here I am, sitting at Starbucks, finally ready to update Joomla to the latest version and import all my articles when… pof! A giant nightmare, filled with help manuals that talk down to and over your head at the same time…

2 hours later, I decided it needed to go.
Joomla sucked. Arguably sucked more than WordPress. Both claim to be easy and magical… but only if you’re one of those nocturnal chain-smoking web developer types… Goodbye Joomla, goodbye 2 hours wasted of my life trying to do migrations, installs, migration component installs, and other useless impossible functions WHEN ALL I WANTED WAS A FREAKING BLOG!!!

My mom always says I can fall into a pile of crap and come out smelling like a rose. Here I’ve done it again. Serendipitously, I stumbled upon Serendipity, and boy is it simple. Simple install, simple 1-click engine updates, and so far extremely simple entry creation. No fuss, no muss, no mess. Thanks, Serendipity. I’ll be sure to sing your praises to many people.

Stay tuned for the re-posting of all my old articles…

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