McAfee antivirus program glitch

Check this out!

McAfee finally exposed for what it is: Garbage. The article (from my local TV station WHEC) says that while McAfee’s Antivirus program is supposed to protect your Windows box from intruders, it was naughty itself. It caused computers the world over to reboot incessantly… Why? Because it mistakenly identified a Windows system file as a virus.

Two points here, folks:

1: It was kinda right! Viruses by definition are harmful pieces of software that interrupt your computing experience and cause some harm. Windows fits that description! Think about that paradox, eh? If McAfee were really being honest with itself, it would tag ITSELF as a virus and remove itself while it’s at it. It’s a hog of a program that slows your computer down by half and bugs you for updates all the time.

2: Even for experts like me, this would be a nightmare. Imagine not knowing why your computer is rebooting incessantly. Once you figured it out, you can’t even get back into Windows (unless you work some black magic!) to run the McAfee update to get rid of the glitch! I feel QUITE SORRY for all the people out there using this horrid software who have NO IDEA what to do or why their computer ceased to function. At least the “schools, hospitals, and businesses” the article mentions have IT support staff. Imagine all those people at home!

So, if your home or small business computer is rebooting incessantly, you know who to call. I’ll get that McAfee garbage off your computer for good!

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