There’s a lot out there… somewhere.

I’m sort of running dry on articles at the moment. Things seem to be going mighty well in the computer world nowadays. The post-Microsoft world (started either the day Apple opened up retail stores or the day Vista was released… or somewhere in between?) seems to be doing just fine – we’ve got Pandora on our phones, the Palm Pre is on its way, Dell keeps coming out with some pretty nice hardware… basically I have nothing to complain about right now. So, I’m opening up the floor to you. Leave some comments or email me directly and I’ll respond to your question in the form of my next article.

Have a problem accessing email while out of town? Can’t figure out how to install something? Want to know how worthwhile an upgrade is? Let me know and I’ll do my best to comment in my usual sarcastic, survivalist manner. Or just throw away your computer and take up Bocce. I fantasize about doing that most every weekday…

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