“Goodbye, yellow brick road…” but “Hello NURSE!”

Well actually, goodbye Averatec. After spending a day with Vista and subsequently deleting it to save my own sanity, I installed Ubuntu Linux 8.04. After a week of traveling the country, I realized the Averatec just didn’t cut it. Although it was tiny, elegant, and extremely fast and capable, it just couldn’t run Ubuntu properly. Here’s my experience in a nutshell:

  • I took Chuck Norris’ hit movie Delta Force with me on a plane to TN. Ironically, it was a disaster movie where terrorists hijacked a plane and landed it in Beirut, and many loud gunfights ensued. Mid-flight, I was politely informed by another passenger that using the Averatec’s headphone jack didn’t mute the loudspeakers like it was supposed to. šŸ˜®
  • It died every hour. For no reason. I’d be sitting there on the couch typing away, and pof! dead. I immediately suspected it was overheating, but one nonstop night of playing two movies at once while running Vista resigned me to the fact that something must be wrong with the Ubuntu video drivers.


Combine that with the horrendous battery life, and the otherwise-flawless Averatec 2573 was a no-go. It’s too bad; it was pretty and it was exactly the right size for comfortable computing when traveling light. So off to ebay it went, and I got a replacement.

Hellooo Sager!

My fraternity brother was selling a bunch of his stuff, and one of the things in the pile was this gorgeous Sager Core Duo 2.0 GHz laptop with 2 GB of RAM, a dead hard drive, and a busted keyboard. I figured I’d fix it up and sell it… but not before dedicating a little time to reviewing Windows 7 with it.

Yes, I’m a Beta Tester for Microsoft Windows 7 and the good news is, I’ve had it on here for more than a week and NO I haven’t thrown the computer out a window! Yes, I find it actually bearable. For brevity’s sake, here’s my letter to Microsoft after a day of use:

Dear Microsoft,

My thoughts on Windows 7:

What I like:

This is how fast my computer is SUPPOSED to be! Not a chained colossus
like vista PCs are.

I love how you can turn off notifications. i really hated some of
those evil balloons. ESPECIALLY the one that popped up EVERY HOUR
FOREVER declaring that it blocked my annoying startup programs.

I love how when you drag things over a folder icon, it says “move to
folder my documents” so you don’t have to guess or hope.

Don’t ever get rid of that betta background!!!

What i don’t like:

While i like the new “pin to taskbar” feature for program icons, when
activated it seems to have disabled the minimize/restore toggle.

When you go to load/save something, in XP you could press Ctrl+D to
bring you to the desktop. can’t do that anymore.

This “local access only” warning has got to stop. every time i connect
to something i think my router or cable modem is shot. only after
trying a browser do i realize everthing is acutally okay. Imagine the
confusion for people who don’t know what they’re doing!

I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to type in a SMB
location to find another computer’s shared files on the network. i
know eventually it should show up on my network neighborhood but that
can take forever.

You may just win back a Mac head with this OS!


FINALLY, a Microsoft OS that doesn’t competely IGNORE the fact that I have fast hardware. Finally, a Microsoft OS that doesn’t completely suck. (Two caveats: First, it’s still Windows and thus subject to viruses. Second, HP and Sony LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE plopping icons and spyware such as “HP Shopping Assistant” all over their new computers, so we’ll see how fast their W7 machines are.)

In conclusion, words can’t describe what a refreshing feeling it is to use Windows 7. It’s not going to make me switch my main system back to Windows or anything, but it’s MUCH nicer than XP and WORLDS better than Vista. If the day comes when a client calls me to come repair his Windows 7 computer, I’ll feel much less sorry for him than I do for other Windows users.

If you’d like to be a Windows 7 Beta Tester, first you’ll have to locate a copy of the W7 Beta 32 or 64 disc (no longer available directly from Microsoft, but ask around and you’ll find one), then head on here for a product key:


I’m going to stop talking about it now so that you can GO TRY IT!!!

Thanks to Garrett, Ian, and Greg for helping me get the hardware and software going!

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